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Green, Red, Blue, Andre, Lyra and Denvor



Pokemon on hand

Pikachu(female), Raticate, Butterfree, Dodrio, Omanyte and Graveler

Yellow (Japanese: イエロー Yellow), or Amarillo del Bosque Verde (Japanese: イエロー・デ・トキワグローブ Yellow de Tokiwa Grove) is the fourth main character of the manga series Pokémon Adventures. She first appeared in volume three, when she was saved by Red from a rampaging wild Dratini.

When Red goes missing, Green sends Yellow out to find him, and has her disguise herself as a boy. Most of the characters did not learn her real gender until the end of the G/S/C saga: Yellow's straw hat hides her ponytail as well as containing the Rainbow Wing and Silver Wing.

Yellow's first Pokémon is a Rattata that Red helped her catch. Her starter Pokémon is Red's Pikachu which travels with her when she searches for Red. She later obtained her own Pikachu, Chuchu, which made a Pichu egg with Red's Pikachu at the Johto Pokémon daycare.

Yellow is quite naive, and acts very much like a little child. She hates it when Pokémon are injured, hers or her opponent's, and has developed a style of battle in which neither her nor her opponent's Pokémon are hurt unless it is absolutely necessary.

Yellow's special skill, as described by Professor Oak, is Pokémon healing and is called the "Healer" (癒やす者 Healer). She received psychic abilities from the Viridian Forest, which include the ability to read the emotions of Pokémon and heal their wounds. Yellow is physically small and can still pass for a boy even at 14, something that is a running gag within the manga.

Pokemon crimsonEdit

Yellow appears in Pokemon crimson after the events of the first Pokemon movie. Yellow meets Andre, Lyra and Denvor when she competes against the three during the Kaidi winter sports. She comes in first and the trio then congradulates her on a good race. Meanwhile Team Gamma interupts the winter games and begin to steal Pokemon during which they accidently take Yellow along with her Pikachu and prepare to escape in one of their helicopters but before they escaped Andre jumps aboard the ship along with Pikachu and they rescue Yellow and Chuchu(her Pikachu). Yellow, Andre, Lyra and Denvor continue the winter games, Yellow seems to have affection for Andre ironically Chuchu has affection for Pikachu.