Tag shipping is a name giving to the couple of Andre and Platinum.

Platinum's hintsEdit

  • When Andre gets lost in the battle tower he runs into Platinum on an elevator. The two take then get off the elevator unaware they were on the registration floor on the lower level, Andre asks how to sign in but to his shock the rules for the battle tower was only tag team leaving Andre without a partner though Platinum was looking for stands Platinum states she is his partner and the two are signed in as partners.
  • When Andre and Platinum moved onto the semi final round Platinum comments on how she admires Andre's technique and his relation with Shaymin and Pikachu and compliments how good a trainer he is.
  • After every battle Andre and Platinum go to their suite room and the two watch movies or play cards. When they watch movies Platinum usually falls asleep on Andre's shoulder and he then puts her in her bed.

Andre's hintsEdit

  • When Platinum compliments him he tells her he couldn't had done it without her.
  • Everytime they win a battle the two high five saying to each other " you rock and you rule".
  • Usually when the two watch movies in their suite Platinum falls asleep on his shoulder and he lays his head on top of her head.