Pokemon Crimson crisis the movie

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Featured Pokemon

Reshiram, Zekrom and Victini

Pokemon crimson crisis movie, in Japan known as Pocket Monsters Crimson crisis the Movie: To conqueror the power of light and darkness(ポケットモンスタークリムゾンの危機映画:光と闇の力を征服するには Pokettomonsutākurimuzon no kiki eiga:-Kō to yami no chikara o seifuku suru ni wa) is a Pokémon movie, the second in the crimson series and the first in the Black and White series arc.

Plot summaryEdit

"In a clash between light and darkness a legendary battles rages on..."

The titan legendaries collide!Edit

Andre, White and Denvor are excited to visit Daybreak town to meet new trainers and capture some new Pokemon, but when the three trainers recieve a personal invitation from Cynthia that tells them to visit the Liberty garden where they also run into Ash, Iris, Dent and Khalil who also had a similar invitation. Upon arriving they meet a mysterious Pokemon named Victini.

Somewhere in the dark secters of the world new Pokemon arrise but not everything is all that it seems. An epic battle between two mythical Pokemon that threatens to destroy all of Isshu.

The greatest battle yet is unleashed as Reshiram and Zekrom engauge in a fight to the death! What is the reason for the legendary brawl and who is the mysterious Pokemon that the group discovers? Will the young trainers save the region or will Isshu be destroyed for good?


Daybreak town will be based on Amsterdam.