Partnershipping is the belief in the romantic relationship between Andre and his Shaymin. It is seen as Andre and Shaymin's equivalent of PikaShipping(Ash and Pikachu). The name of the Ship is most likely derived from the fact that Andre and Shaymin are partners.

As Shaymin was Andre's first Pokémon, a few fans believe they have a deeper relationship than what meets the eye.


Andre's evidenceEdit

  • Shaymin seems to be the only one of Andre's Pokémon to stay out of her Poké Ball regularly. Some fans find this as Andre's obvious preference for Shaymin over his other Pokémon
  • When Shaymin is about to be hit by Toxicroak's poison jab Andre, fearing that it might seriously injure Shaymin, jumps in front of the attack and takes the hit for her however but he was critically injuried from the attack .
  • When Shaymin sits on Andre's shoulder he would gently rub her chin.

Shaymin's evidenceEdit

  • Although they got off on the wrong foot Shaymin still tried her hardest to get Andre to like her.
  • When Andre took the hit from Toxicroak's poison jab Shaymin desprately tried to help him by using Aromatheropy, when he awakened Shaymin jumps into his arms and hugs him.
  • Shaymin always goes out of her way in order to impress Andre, and to prove her superiority over his other Pokémon.
  • Shaymin became jealous when Andre was paying more attention to his newly hatched Zorua than herself. Thus, she started to fight with Zorua.
  • Shaymin was shocked to see Andre holding Zorua.