Khalil's Garchomp
Garchomp Gible and Gabite by DragonicDarkness
Gible's evolution






Dragon rush, Earthquake, outrage and Stone edge


Garchomp (ガブリアスGaburiasu?, Gablias in original Japanese language versions), known as the Mach Pokémon, are dark blue, with a red underbelly that covers from the middle of its abdomen, to its jaws, and then to the undersides of its arms.It is the final evloution of Gible. Underneath the red is a gold diamond shape as well a gold cross on its snout. Garchomp have appendages that resemble jets, planes and hammerhead sharks; its four fins, one on each arm, one dorsal fin and another on its tail that resembles a shark tailfin; horns that resemble jet/plane engines rest on its head, resembling a hammerhead. It has spikes on its hind limbs and arms as well as sharper claws than its previous evolution. Its eyes have black scleras and gold colored irises. When it folds up its body and extends its wings, it looks like a jet plane,[7] and flies at speeds equal to one.[8] Its body is covered in fine scales that reduce drag.[9] It never allows its prey to escape.[8]