CommonerShipping (Japanese: ダイ嬢 DaiJō or ダイプラ DaiPura) is the belief of a romantic relationship between Diamond and Platinum of the Pokémon Adventures manga. It is one-sided canon from Diamond's side, since Platinum remains clueless to his affection. The name is so because Diamond is a commoner compared to the extremely rich Platinum.


Diamond is one of the two main male protagonists of the Diamond and Pearl saga. Usually shown with some type of food item; doughnuts, cookies, etc. He seems to have a very laid back and calm personality. He has shown great care for his Pokemon and enjoys sharing even his food with them. He enjoys the company of Platinum in much the same way, also tending to think kindly of her as a princess figure such as when he first met her.

Platinum is a very well mannered and skilled young girl, she is also the female protagonist of the Diamond and Pearl saga. She has her mind set on obtaining all the ribbons and Gym badges with the assistance of Diamond and Pearl, whom she originally believed to be her bodyguards. She seems to enjoy most of Diamond's antics and even giggles at most of his jokes. She also seems to be oblivious to the apparent crush Diamond has on her.


Diamond hintsEdit

  • When Diamond first met Platinum, he appeared dazzled by her appearance, even thinking of her a "Princess".
  • Right after meeting Platinum, Pearl followed with a somewhat moody attitude whereas Diamond seemed to stare at her in complete awe.
  • Diamond adapted the nickname "Missy" to Platinum, full time upon hearing it used in reference to her for the first time.
  • Diamond is fiercely determined when it comes to protecting Platinum. Fans believe he uses it as a way to show his affection for her.
  • When Platinum was competing in her first contest, Diamond baked a pie for her.

Platinum's hintsEdit

Platinum often laughs at his jokes and shows concern for him as well as giving him a Mamoswine saying it reminded her of him.