Lyra, Kaira, Denvor, Diamond, Platinum and White


Sinnoh but he moved to Kaidi

Pokemon on hand

Shaymin, Raichu and Zorua

Future Pokemon

Mijumaru and Emonga


Khalil and Ash

Andre Boston is the main protagonist of both Pokémon Crimson and Pokémon crimson crisis.

Pokemon crimsonEdit

Andre is a young boy who grew up in the Sinnoh region he likes to be alone and says he doesn't like Pokemon and always kept to himself he later moved to the Kaidi region where he with his mom and they moved to a town known as Ulmus town where he meets his new neighbor Lyra who'm he pushes away. Later on his fifteenth birthday, his mother gives him his first Pokemon for his birthday which is a Shaymin she tells him that she found it when she was out watering her gracidia flower garden and she found it in it's sky forme. Andre shows no interest in Shaymin and this causes Shaymin to dislike Andre it is later revealed Andre's Shaymin could talk using telepathy. Andre later opens up to Pokemon and decides to start his adventure along with Shaymin and Lyra, he also receives a Pikachu from Professor Sakura, Pikachu has hit him with numerous electric attacks and is shown to be very playful and optimistic.

Pokemon crimson crisisEdit

Andre will appear in Pokemon Crimson crisis and will be traveling the Isshu region with his new companion White and his old companion Denvor.